LIFE AT Ashraya Old Age Home

Welcome to Ashraya old age home

Ashraya old age home is an organization unlike any other - an approach that is different, a team that is selfless and caring and a management that has no hard and fast rules, but goes out of its way to do its best in keeping with the mission and calling of reaching out to people in need with empathy, concern and a love that is unconditional and unmatched.

Mentally Disabled Help

Ashraya old age home is an institution with a difference. Our simple motto of reaching out to as many people as possible who are in pain, suffering and essentially on the edge of society’s intervention.

Orphans Help

Ashraya old age home wishes to be an institution which makes a positive difference in the lives of the people it touches and reaches out to.

Elderly Care

You are not alone. Ashraya old age home is here to help you. Ashraya old age home conducts camps on a regular basis to help a larger section of people.